Bonding through Books: Reading together with your kids

Little girl reading a book.

Reading to my daughters has always been one of my favorite activities. This is a special moment when we cuddle and discover together the stories described in books. I believe that developing the habit of reading together with your kids is an excellent way to bond with them.

To make sure that I maximise the time I spend reading with my children, I try to plan our activities beforehand. I like to read with my kids every day, especially in the evenings. I give them the choice to select the book they would like to read and I read the story with enthusiasm and excitement. Before I start a new book, we look at its cover so we can guess what the story is about.

I also make sure to take time to discuss the story during or after our reading session. I ask open ended questions so the conversation becomes a dialogue. Kids are very curious and with the right questions they can share their thoughts and feelings about the story.

Reading together is a precious moment and I cherish it-it helps my children develop their imagination and encourages me to be a better parent.

Family reading a book.

Photo by Jerzy Rajkow

Choosing a book for a child can be overwhelming. There is so much choice! To help me decide which book to introduce to my children, I often ask for advice from experts, such as children’s librarians or teachers. I also take into account the age and interests of my children. Classic authors are always a good choice. For modern authors I check a list of awarded authors and look at recommendations of book bloggers. I choose books that are beautifully illustrated and written. With an interesting history. I look for books with characters they can identify with. And most importantly, I find books that are fun and engaging, since this will make them more likely to want to read!

At the beginning of motherhood, I couldn't resist buying a lot of books for home. Later, I came to the conclusion that using the library allows children to discover the idea of sharing books in community. I only buy the books that my daughters like the most and those that I consider the most valuable. A trip to the local library and picking out books together has become one of our routine and moment of pleasure. You can also join a book club with other parents and kids, which is a nice way to connect with other families and foster a love of reading in a group setting.

Father reading to his daughter.

Photo by Małgorzata Rajkow

Reading books to kids has so many benefits! One of the most important is that it helps them learn to love books. Reading also helps kids with their language development, encourages their imaginations, and even introduces them to moral lessons and characters they can identify with. 

In my experience, reading books with my daughters has made them have a very rich vocabulary. Now, they are able to tell me amazing stories on their own. I love to believe that the ideas of the stories we have read together have inspired my children to become creative and passionate readers.


Little sisters reading a book.

Photo by Małgorzata Rajkow

They also started talking and expressing their emotions quickly. This is because we read from thirty minutes to an hour every day on weekdays, and even longer on weekends. While reading to my three-year-old daughter, I also choose books that have a longer plot and therefore a richer vocabulary than books intended for children of her age. This brings effects in the form of a rich vocabulary.

While reading to my older daughter, I choose books that deal with a problem that I want to explain to her. For example, about the importance of assertiveness in the context of camaraderie or friendship. I choose books that are diverse in terms of style, form and language, so that they get used to different ways of expression.

Bonding through stories with your kids is an effective way to build beautiful memories. I believe that it helps children to develop empathy and the love of reading. As a parent, I am proud to see my little ones grow up as curious and passionate readers. I also feel proud to have created special moments reading with them.

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